Summer Cooking: Chicken Breast ideas #dinnertip

May 31, 2011

This past weekend I asked Twitter for some good summer ideas for using the chicken breast in my fridge. I ended up doing the Key West chicken and Cilantro Lime rice I blogged about here, but I got such good ideas, I wanted to share them for those of you searching for summer cooking ideas!

@heathterwpetty Grill and shred for salads/tacos? (Or bake and shred, if your oven doesn’t heat up your kitchen too much.)

@SpiceBites Poached and shredded to use in tacos & salads!

I love Asian too esp. for summer. Do a poached chkn brst & raw veggies salad w/fish sos, lime, ginger

@DebNemeth We do a lot of chicken Caesar salads in the summer too. And chicken fajitas are always good…

Greek-flavored chicken souvlakia: marinate breast strips in oregano & lemon, saute in olive oil, serve on fried pita(continued)

w/ tzatziki (cucumber/yogurt/garlic/dill) sauce, tomatoes & sauteed onion. Serve w/ tabbouleh

@rlarocque andoori – marinate in plain yogurt and spices overnight, then BBQ. Not too spicy, either.

@HeleneYoung Tandoori chicken breasts, slow roasted, served on a bed of couscous with a green salad 🙂 And a drizzle of natural yoghurt!

@Yvena I like hammering them flat, adding spices, cooking in a pan. Maybe with a cucumber salad?

@DeniseJTompkins Fajitas and use the leftover meat to make fajita quesadillas. Mmmmmm. 🙂

@Shelley_Watters Citrus chicken: zest and juice of 1 orange & 2 limes, melted butter, garlic, salt & pepper. Cover breasts with sauce and bake.

@TrishB chk breast recipe wrap chk w/bacon mix brown sugar, pineapple juice & lil mustard baste while grilling. My kids favorite

@CarolynRosewood Cooked and cut up into cubes for a salad with tomatoes, cukes, etc. Can use almost any dressing on it including oil & vinegar.

@SilverLily I love them with pesto and melted provolone on top

@LizabethSTucker I grill them with pieces of pineapple and orange juice. You can also add some fresh coconut to give it an island taste.

@nancyevertz fajitas. Lime, honey and cilantro marinade. Probably some oil in there. Messy on the grill. Grill the breasts and then slice.

@cpblackburn Lemon pepper both sides of the chicken and bake it. That has a definite summery vibe to it.

@HillaryJacques Cut in strips, marinate in balsamic vinaigrette, then grill. Perfect on salad or rice

@Chumplet Toasted club sandwiches or chicken Caesars.

@CristalRyder Next u in Toronto, grab bottle PC Memories of Tuscany from Loblaw stores, great on chicken. I have fab creamy mustrd chkn rcpe

@beth_caudill Grilled with barbeque sauce over them is real good.

From Facebook:

Tori Scott wrote: “Marinate in Zesty Italian dressing and bake, broil, or grill. Serve with sliced avocados.”

Chiron O’Keefe wrote: “Marinate in taco seasoning, grill and make tostadas or tacos.”

Emily wrote: “Grill them and slice onto a salad with sliced strawberries, crumbled bacon, and goat cheese with raspberry vinaigrette dressing. Yum.”

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