March 28, 2020 Maryland RWA Workshops Cancelled

March 12, 2020

In this time of uncertainty about Covid-19, it’s important to me to do my part to help slow the spread of the virus so our medical systems don’t become overwhelmed, such as Italy is now facing, so I’ve asked the chapter to reschedule my appearance to a later date.

I know this is disappointing for all of us, including (and perhaps especially)me, but showing kindness and compassion to those who are most vulnerable to the virus is never the wrong answer. I’m grateful the chapter was willing to work with me to find a later date, while we all focus our efforts on staying healthy while continuing to write, edit and create gateways to escapism for readers!

If you have a pressing question you were planning to ask during the workshop that feels time sensitive and you’d like the opportunity to ask it, please reach out to me via social media (Twitter: www.twitter.com/angelajames Facebook: www.facebook.com/angelajames Instagram: www.instagram.com/angelajameseditor ) or you can email me at angelajameseditor@gmail.com.

I look forward to seeing all of you on our rescheduled date!

~Angela James