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Whether you're trad, indie or hybrid publishing, Book Boss: From Written to Recommended is for you and your publishing dreams.

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Book Boss: From Written to Recommended is a VIP membership author community for authors at any level who want to be fully supported as they take action on their writing and publishing dreams.

What makes From Written to Recommended different from other author communities?

Apart from not being on Facebook (no ads!), From Written to Recommended is focused on deep community support and career building.

We give you the resources and support you need to take action every day on your writing and publishing — so you can create the author career that fulfills you.

Above: From Written to Recommended is a private, calm, distraction-free environment.

Who is From Written to Recommended for?

We are a community of and for authors at any level, at any stage in their careers — even authors pivoting mid-career.

We have authors who write full time, authors who publish traditionally, indie and hybrid, and authors who just write for the joy of the craft.

We are a wholly welcoming community and we walk the walk when it comes to equality — except the kind of fictitious equality of the "All Lives Matter" brigade. That attitude is not what we're here to support. Our members share a love for storytelling and feel safe and supported in our VIP community.

What it's like being a From Written to Recommended VIP?

As you share your author journey with the community we'll learn where you are in your journey and we'll make sure we're helping and supporting you along the way.

When my assistant Dan and I plan our community resources, we aim to provide practical, professional support and a growing library of fully accessible VIP resources so you always have an opportunity to learn — even if you can't be in the community every day.

You get:

From Written to Recommended is for you if:

From Written to Recommended isn't a good fit if:


The membership is a monthly fee of $37, billed automatically via either PayPal or Stripe (credit card) and your billing date is every month on the date you joined. We don’t offer refunds, but only because the membership is a month-to-month commitment and you’re free to cancel at any time.

Yes! We have members who’ve written and published dozens of books. The community is publishing agnostic (we encourage and support indie, traditional and hybrid authors!) and designed for authors on all different publishing paths. Of course, your experience/results will differ from those of a less experienced author, but as someone who is a self-described lifelong learner, I firmly believe there’s always something new to learn and things I can help you think differently about in your publishing journey via From Written to Recommended.

Any genre fiction. I personally specialize in romance, mystery, and women’s fiction, so I use a lot of examples of those genres, but we have members writing romance, mystery, thrillers, science fiction, fantasy, YA, middle grade, women’s fiction, etc. The membership isn’t geared toward nonfiction writing but a lot of the publishing concepts and discussions are the same whether it’s fiction or nonfiction.

It’s not for you if you say things like “All Lives Matter” or if you think people worry too much about books and publishing being “politically correct”.

The membership is founded on the idea of being a positive and inclusive place, but we’re not going to say there’s no politics, because people’s lives are being impacted and legislated every day.

This community was formed to be a safe, welcoming group, inclusive of all who may have previously not felt heard or included in prior memberships or communities. This group will always be 100% LGBTQIA+ friendly, supportive of Black Lives Matter, open to people of all ethnicities, race, gender, disability, religion, sexuality, background, and will demonstrate that human rights are not debatable or open for interpretation or politicizing.

It’s also not for you if you’re offended by swearing (I say fuck a lot), sex jokes, or other forms of humor.

The membership has members from a variety of time zones across the globe and we strive to accommodate as many time zones as possible.

The only things that have specific times are live events, which depend on my or my guests’ schedules.

If you cannot attend for any reason, you can watch the recording and read the transcript afterward — recordings will always be available to you.

All recorded and live video content is captioned.

The community is on Mighty Network, which is accessible to screen readers but does not have alt-text for images, so we ask members to provide alt-text in the post when providing an image.

"I can't wait to help you achieve your writing and publishing dreams!"

20 years in the publishing industry, 100s of books edited, 2 successful ebook imprints launched and directed (Samhain and Harlequin’s Carina Press) and dozens of novels edited for private clients… 

And now in my own business I have the opportunity to do what I really love: helping authors achieve the creative and business success they need to thrive in their careers.

I created From Written to Recommended VIP Author Community to give you a place where you can be fully supported and empowered as you take action in your writing and publishing career.

Get your From Written to Recommended Membership

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  • Supportive, career-focused, business-forward author community
  • Co-working sessions every day to help you stay on track
  • Live events, Publishing To-Do Tidbits, video and audio replays
  • And so much more!

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