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Imagine reading your book draft and being able to see exactly where your pacing isn't right, and know why and how to fix it.

Magic can happen in editing!

In Your Book's Pacing Demystified you'll learn to analyze your pacing and use action-ready strategies to make your book better right now.

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What is PACING
and why is it important?

In fiction, pacing is the alchemy of putting together words to create the best rhythm, flow and speed of moving readers through your story.

You know what it feels like to read a page-turner...

When you have the right pacing for your story, your book will take flight for your readers!

What if you could...

Time to demystify pacing!

Your Book's Pacing Demystified is a self-study online course covering every aspect of pacing in fiction, from a micro to a macro perspective.

With a strong practical emphasis, you'll learn concepts editors use to talk about pacing, and a powerful analytical strategy for seeing how your pacing is working.

You'll go behind the scenes with me and learn how professional editors identify and fix pacing issues.

And everything you learn in Your Book's Pacing Demystified is repeatable, book after book, series after series.

Here's what we'll cover

What pacing is and why finding the right pacing for your book will help it become a reader favorite.

How to analyze pacing including pacing vocabulary and concepts to put you and your editor on the same page.

A repeatable strategy for fixing your pacing that includes explanations of classic concepts like infodumping, POV character, show vs. tell, and the “All is lost” moment.

A powerful way to visualize your book’s pacing plus other priceless practical tips you can use throughout your writing and publishing career.

Your course includes

Get Your Book's Pacing Demystified
and get your book's pacing right.

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Regular Price $147

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Your Book's Pacing Demystified is for you if...

Your Book's Pacing Demystified may not be for you if...


YES! Bestselling authors have taken this course and leveled up their writing. Your experience/results may not be as dramatic as those of a less experienced author, but Pacing Demystified will help you encounter your writing in a different and constructive way. You’ll gain a deep understanding of pacing, and this will always be an advantage for you in your writing and editing.

Not at all. The principles of pacing can be applied to a work in progress as well as a completed manuscript, though you will find yourself paying attention to pacing differently when you’re editing versus when you’re writing. Also, by reading published books in light of what you learn in Pacing Demystified, you’ll gain a much deeper understanding of how pacing works, and what it feels like for a reader when a story’s pacing is just right.

Most genre fiction. I specialize in romance, mystery and women’s fiction, so I use a lot of examples of those genres, but it will work for anyone writing any sub-genre of romance, mystery, thrillers, science fiction, fantasy, etc.

While Pacing Demystified isn’t geared toward nonfiction writing, nonfiction writers have taken previous editions of the course and benefited from it, since even nonfiction books need good pacing to work for their readers. So nonfiction authors aren’t the target audience for this course, but you sure are welcome to take it!

The webinar is presented with closed captions, and the replay will have captions as well.

We also endeavor to make all digital text content accessible to screen readers.

If we have overlooked an accessibility accommodation you need, please email us at support@angelajames.co

Please click on the chat bubble at the lower right of this screen to leave me a message, or email us at support@angelajames.co and I or my assistant Dan will respond as soon as possible.

Get Your Book's Pacing Demystified
and learn the ways of perfect pacing power.

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Regular Price $147

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Hi, I'm Angela James

20 years in the publishing industry, 100s of books edited, 2 successful ebook imprints launched and directed (Samhain and Harlequin’s Carina Press) and dozens of novels edited for private clients… 

And the most important part of every editorial job is still reading!

Being a reader’s favorite experience is your #1 goal as an author — and nothing flattens reader experience faster than bad pacing. But when your pacing is exactly right for your story, readers won’t want your book to end!

Join me for Your Book’s Pacing Demystified and learn expert editing strategies for getting your pacing right, book after book.

Be your reader's favorite hello
and their hardest goodbye

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Regular Price $147

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