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The Publishing Insider Series

The Publishing Insider Series is a series of webinars, PDFs, and mini-courses, both free and paid, meant to deliver you publishing and writing content in smaller bites and get you putting action into your writing dreams so you can get to your goals faster, with less wasted energy and time resources.

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Part 1: What to Expect from Edits

A free PDF detailing the stages of edits and what to expect from each stage. 

Part 2: Design Your Newsletter Strategy

A mini-course on designing your newsletter strategy. Complete the course in under an hour. Create and execute your 6-month newsletter strategy in 7 days

Part 3: Pacing Demystified

A 2-hour webinar offering concrete pacing strategies to create a manuscript that gives your readers their favorite hello and their hardest goodbye.

Part 3 Freebie: 6 Minute Pacing Tip

This one piece of writing advice you may be following can be the source of that "stuck" feeling in your manuscript!

Part 4: 5 Tips & Tricks for Deep Point of View

Sign up for the Before You Hit Send 2.0: Winning Tactics for Editing Your First (or Next!) Bestseller waitlist

Part 5: Author Voice

A free video & text lesson on Author Voice: how to recognize it, protect it and lean into it

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