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Make 2022 Your Publishing Year


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Angela James Presents


Leading editor and publishing industry expert Angela James returns in 2022 to present her flagship fiction editing course Before You Hit Send: Winning Tactics for Editing Your First (or Next!) Bestseller.



Take the guesswork out of editing

Develop your editing skills with proven techniques and strategies.

Transform your editing process

Take your process from "this might work" to a written plan, concrete steps and reliable results book after book. 

Ditch the doubt

Get confident about where to start edits, what to work on next and when to stop.

and so much more

In 6 weeks you'll turn the struggle of editing your books into the joy of making them reader favorites

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What is Before You Hit Send?

Week 1 - Editing Bootcamp

In this foundational week, Angela gives a thorough and intensive overview (there's a reason we call it the Bootcamp!) of what a strategic, planned and repeatable editing process looks like. You’ll learn where to start edits, when to stop editing, how to write and edit for inclusivity and much more. You’ll start learning to adapt the editing process to your books and your readers’ enjoyment, and you’ll receive Angela’s sample editing checklist and style guide to help you start building your own versions of these crucial editing documents.

Week 2 - Copy Editing and Proofreading

In this deep dive into the copy editing and proofreading stages of the editing process, Angela covers every critical element that goes onto your editing checklist, from dialogue tags and punctuating dialogue to word choice and formatting. This week is full of quick wins to help you stay motivated, and Angela will be available on our Publishing Insider Facebook group to answer any questions you may have about your learning. Publishing Insider is a private but open group, so you can join us there anytime!

Week 3 - Line Editing

Delving into details in week 3, you’ll receive lessons on topics ranging from garbage words to overwriting, including a bonus audio recording of a classic presentation Angela gave on comma splices and author voice. At the end of week 3 your editing checklist will be filling up, and you’ll be gaining the confidence you need to continue developing your editing process.

Week 4 - Implementation Week

In Implementation Week we give you time to circle back and catch up on the lessons you’ve missed. Angela does a live Q&A in this week, and the Publishing Insider group on Facebook is always there for you to ask questions and consolidate your learning.

Week 5 - Content Editing

Content and developmental editing is actually the first thing you’ll do in your editing process, but it’s such an enormous, detailed topic that we wait until week 5 of the course to jump into it. This material is the cornerstone of Angela’s editing expertise, and we cover topics from Showing vs Telling to Deep Point of View and Character Dialogue.

Bonus - Pacing Demystified Mini-Webinar

Fiction pacing is one of those topics that needs its own full course to be thoroughly examined. As a bonus between weeks 5 and 6 we give you a mini version of Pacing Demystified, our essential Pacing course for fiction writers. As an optional upgrade you can purchase the full course: 38 lunchbreak-friendly lessons that will completely transform your understanding of how to make your story’s pacing work.

Week 6 - Wrap up and Bonuses

Angela dedicates the final week to helping you consolidate your learning by answering questions both in our Publishing Insider Facebook group and on a live Q&A. There’s also a special bonus this week — but you’ll have to wait to find out what it is!

Meet Angela James

Freelance editor and author career coach Angela James (she/her) is a veteran of the fiction publishing industry and has enjoyed nearly two decades of experience in her field, including successfully launching, building and serving as editorial director for first Samhain Publishing and then Harlequin’s Carina Press for a combined 15 years of editorial lead and strategy experience.

An expert on editing (and reading!) genre fiction, especially romance and mystery, Angela has edited numerous bestselling books and authors, including the #1 New York Times bestselling Paper Princess by Erin Watt, as well as hundreds of other authors such as Shelly Laurenston/G.A. Aiken, Shannon Stacey, A.M. Arthur, Jaci Burton, Lauren Dane, Alexa Riley, Lisa Marie Rice, Ilona Andrews, Eve Vaughn, Lilith Saintcrow, Josh Lanyon, Jen Frederick, K.A. Mitchell, Lucy Monroe and more. Angela is also the creator of Before You Hit Send, the popular online self-editing and writing workshop for authors, as well as the From Written to (Reader) Recommended VIP author community.

In 6 weeks you will:

Develop an editing process that works for you
Create an editing checklist so you always have a plan
Develop a style guide to make your books consistent
Have a complete understanding of each editing stage
Build editing confidence and strategic thinking
Be ready to get to work so you can publish in 2022!

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