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The Book Boss® GSD (Get Shit Done) Membership

The Publishing Struggle is Real.

Authors at every stage often feel overwhelmed, lost, frustrated, confused, lonely, and doubt themselves at every decision, asking, “Am I really good enough?”

End the exhausting search for what comes next, and discover the personalized support and dedicated career resources you’ve been missing.

Stop feeling lost in the crowd of anonymous Facebook groups where everyone thinks their way is the only way to publish, and your questions get ignored or answered by people working themselves into a state of burnout.

Let us empower you to simplify your next steps, streamline your process, and build confidence in both your writing and yourself, all while unlocking unprecedented writing progress and productivity along the way.

Guided by The Stellar Roadmap, distilled from 20 years of insider experience in publishing, we offer specific next steps and, crucially, provide clear direction for those moments when you’re stuck, wondering, “What now?”

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You’re at a crossroads in your author journey.

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Passion needs to meet practicality, and dreams need to intersect with real-world achievement…

That’s why I created the Book Boss® GSD Membership.

This isn’t just a writers’ community; it’s a strategic career membership that focuses on the business of transforming your writing aspirations into released books and repeat readers.

And this isn’t a fast-track to guaranteed publishing success, making sleazy promises of fame and fortune! Because NO ONE can give you that kind of guarantee.

What we do in the GSD Membership is help you work out what success means to you, and give you the resources and know-how to accomplish it.

“I want you to succed on your terms, with our help.”

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Angela James, Editor and Author Career Specialist

I’ve edited over a thousand books: I understand the rollercoaster of emotions that comes with being an author.

The exhilaration of a new idea, the dedication to turning it into a manuscript, and the daunting prospect of navigating publishing, let alone getting reviews, marketing, promotion, keeping up with the market – and finding the drive to do it all again for your next book!

It’s easy to feel lost, to doubt yourself, to wonder if your book will ever find its audience.

My goal with the GSD Membership is to demystify the complexities of your writing and publishing career. I want to give you solid, actionable strategies you can use right now to achieve successes and milestones.

I want to get you focused on what actually matters: planning, setting and reaching your own writing and publishing milestones, growing your brand and readership, being a consistent publisher, maximizing your earnings, and – most important – continuing to write the stories that only you can tell.

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The GSD Membership community fosters a success-positive mindset where every achievement is celebrated and every challenge is met with professional guidance, resources, and unwavering support.

In our steadily paced, two-month-long GSD Strategy Sessions you’ll target the essential aspects of your author business.

In Zoom co-working sessions you’ll find companionship, productivity and creativity.

In our private Discord community you’ll find a group of authors just like you, helping and empowering each other.

I want to give you solid, actionable strategies for redefining what it means to be a successful author. I want you to accomplish your writing and publishing goals, with our help. The Book Boss® GSD Membership gives you everything you need, all in one place, to turn your authorial dreams into your reality. Together, we’ll get shit done.”

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Stop letting the uncertainties of writing and publishing eat into your time and potential earnings. It’s time to take decisive action with publishing expert Angela James and the Book Boss® GSD Membership.

Book Boss GSD® Membership:
Powering Your Journey to Publishing Success

Here’s what makes the Book Boss® GSD Membership an essential part of your author toolkit:

"2023 was a good year for me even though it didn't feel like it. I saw a big growth in sales, was able to release several books, and managed to make every goal I set (thank you, Angela). Being a part of this community has really done more for my business in the last year."
Marie Tuhart

Join the Book Boss® GSD Membership to unlock the guidance and strategies you need for publishing success.

Let the Stellar Roadmap, backed by Angela James’ 20 years of experience, simplify your journey from publishing uncertainty to career confidence.

What's happening in the GSD Membership...

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• Live Q&A and dedicated working sessions with Angela.
• Our usual co-working schedule so you can get whatever you need to done.
• Accountability check-ins to keep you focused.
• Active GSD Discord community server.
• Our weekly GSD Members newsletter.

Join the Book Boss® GSD Membership for just $19/mo.

Praise for GSD from our members

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If you're on the fence about signing up, trust me: do this. Doesn't matter if you're on the newbie end or have published many books. You'll find SO MUCH useful and will never look at your business the same way again.
Deana Kussman
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Hey, I'm Angela James!

Hey, I’m Angela, expert editor and author career coach!

In my 20-year publishing career I’ve edited 700+ books, including New York Times #1 bestsellers.

A publishing industry expert, I was Editorial Director of Harlequin’s Carina Press and Executive Editor of Samhain Publishing. I’ve edited across romance, mystery, thriller, young adult, women’s fiction, science fiction and fantasy.

I’m now an Author Career Strategy Coach and owner of the Book Boss® GSD Membership, Book Boss® Strategy Intensive and Book Boss® Success Alliance Career Accelerator.

Best of all for you? I know exactly where authors get stuck in their writing, editing and careers, why they get stuck and the strategic action they can take to get moving again. That’s why I created the Book Boss® GSD Membership: so authors can join a community where they reliably Get Shit Done!

Book Boss® GSD Membership is ideal for you if:

Book Boss® GSD Membership may not be for you if

Sign up for the Book Boss® GSD Membership to access the essential guidance and strategies for your publishing success.

Based on Angela James’ Stellar Roadmap of Author Stages and enriched by her two decades of industry expertise, GSD will streamline your transition from doubt to decisive success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, anytime, but you won’t retain access to the Book Boss® GSD Resource Center with your evergreen strategy resources. To cancel just email us at support@angelajames.co

No one can guarantee you results. Partially because results will depend on you executing the strategies, partially because publishing is a notoriously fickle beast and anyone who guarantees you’ll make money/gain readers/hit a bestseller list/have a long-lasting career is selling you lies and potential heartache.

YES! The strategic work you’ll do the bimonthly GSD sessions will help you with career-advancing work no matter what stage you’re at in your careers. Plus: Zoom co-working is an incredible tool for ongoing productivity, and the GSD Discord Community is a reliable and fun support network.

GSD strategy sessions will help you work toward your publishing goals! These sessions help you advance your career no matter what stage you’re at. If you’re not published yet, we’ll help you take serious practical steps toward that goal, no matter what it looks like for you — trad, indie, or hybrid publishing.

All our recordings are closed-captioned and we strive to make transcripts available ASAP after live events. We will work to accommodate any accessibility request we can — if we’re not covering it, just let us know!

Strategy sessions workshops can run anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the topic. 

Each GSD strategy session runs for 2 months. As long as you’re paid up, you’ll have the full 2 months to watch the workshop and complete the strategy action steps. You’ll practice integrating what you learn in GSD strategy sessions into your own processes so you’ll be able to revisit your personal action steps anytime you need to.

We onboard new members for 10 days every 2 months.

We feel that tight focus is very important for authors to learn and apply business and career growth skills, so for the very low entry cost of $19/month you get access to the current strategy session only, i.e. there’s no archive. We want you to focus and learn key strategies thoroughly. In consideration of this fact, there are several offsets:

GSD is the only membership of its type that is tightly focused on strategies that will improve your author business and career. These strategies are backed by Angela’s extensive experience as a publishing executive, successful business owner, and a top-tier editor and author career coach.

You get a new webinar/workshop every two months. So, six brand new professional author business and career webinars per year. Sometimes we’ll bring in a renowned expert to teach the webinar.

You get new worksheets, prompts, PDFs etc. every two months. Everything is kept up-to-date as much as possible, and if new information emerges you’re the first to know via our Discord community and weekly GSD Newsletter.

You get the Discord community, free Zoom co-working, and regular ACTION sessions with Angela which double as 1:1 Q&As because Angela will answer on-topic questions in these sessions.

You get the bi-monthly ENGAGE Q&As with Angela where you can ask on-topic questions.

You get a 15% member discount on past sessions which are available to purchase and own.

In general, no: we record all workshops, Q&As and other expert sessions.

Out of necessity we schedule the live workshops and other recorded sessions based on US Eastern time, but we do try to accommodate as many time zones as possible.

No: the GSD strategy sessions are presented via video workshops, and are designed so that the action steps apply to authors across many genres.

But you’ll have plenty of opportunities to ask questions. There will be Q&A sessions, and you can ask questions in the Book Boss® GSD Discord Community, where Angela is active and you also have access to the experience, wisdom and problem-solving of your fellow authors.

Many of the strategy session workshops will be led by Angela, but for some we’ll bring in speakers with special expertise so you get the best and most up-to-date possible information and action steps.

We don’t offer refunds on our memberships. You’re free to cancel your membership at any time (but you won’t retain access to the Book Boss® GSD Resource Center with your evergreen strategy resources).

Step into the Book Boss® GSD Membership and discover the strategies and support you need to transform your uncertainties into a clear, confident path to writing and publishing success.

Book Boss® GSD Membership is only $19/month

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