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Your website is vital to your author brand.

2024 will see more authors than ever wanting to try selling direct. The first step to direct sales success is a solid web foundation: Your author website.

Even if you're not ready to sell direct, your author website is still a crucial nexus of information for your fanbase.

It's where YOU control the message, the content, the brand, the promo – everything. So...

The Book Boss® GSD* (*Get Shit Done!) Author Website session is here to help you get your website up to speed!

Rethink, revise, and revitalize your author website.

Get it aligned with your publishing strategy for the next 12 months.

Book Boss® GSD* Membership
Feburary/March 2024 Session


Sign up from February 1 – 10, 2024

Committed to helping you *Get Shit Done
in your author career!

💡 What's in Store for you as a GSD Member?

For Beginners:
Step-by-step guidance on setting up a basic, yet impactful author website.

For Existing Website Owners:
A comprehensive checklist to enhance, update, and polish your site, ensuring it shines and performs at its best.

📆 Exclusive Opportunity - Get Your Website Reviewed! Submit your homepage by March 15th, and seize the rare chance to have publishing and author career expert Angela James personally review your website through an insightful video analysis.

🏆 This is your golden ticket to tailored advice and practical tips to elevate your online presence! 🔥 Don't Miss Out!
Be part of this focused journey to create or revamp your author website. Connect with your readers more effectively, showcase your work brilliantly, and step up your marketing game.

The Book Boss GSD Membership is your pathway to making your author website a standout success!

"2023 was a good year for me even though it didn't feel like it. I saw a big growth in sales, was able to release several books, and managed to make every goal I set (thank you, Angela). Being a part of this community has really done more for my business in the last year."
Marie Tuhart


🚀 Join Book Boss® GSD Membership:
We're Mastering Author Websites This February and March!

Say goodbye to vague dreams and hello to tangible, actionable plans with the Book Boss® GSD Membership's Author Websites Strategy Session!

What is the Author Websites Strategy Session?

Logo reading Book Boss(R) GSD Membership: Get Shit Done

The #1 question I get asked about websites is: Do I need an author website?

The answer? If you have a book to sell, you need an author website.

Your website is where you give readers easy access to the information they're looking for about you and what you write. And unlike on Amazon, you control the information.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

Join the February/March GSD Strategy Session and get your author website in order to help you achieve your goals in 2024.

Watch a snippet from the 2023 Author Branding Strategy Webinar for an idea of what to expect.

What's different about the
Book Boss® GSD Membership?

Writing and publishing are just part of having a meaningful, successful author business and career.

When it comes to the business side of things — setting goals, growing your readership, making money, even just writing the next book — knowing what you need to take action on, what action you need to take, and committing to that action is much harder.

That’s why an action-focused, business-positive community is so important.

Book Boss® GSD Membership is that community.

We’re here to help you Get Shit Done:

✅ Set Achievable Goals and Meet Them
Every two-month-long GSD Strategy Session gives you achievable, essential author business and career goals, and the resources and support to meet them.

✅ Build Growth Into Your Author Business
Each GSD Strategy Session is focused on a part of your author business you need to work on in order to achieve both initial and sustained growth in readership and revenue.

✅ Develop a Success-Positive Mindset
We’re a community of positive, aspirational authors who will help you recognize, track, and celebrate your wins, big and small.

✅ Create and Control Your Own Author Career Strategy
Angela James brings her 20+ years of experience as an editor and executive in traditional publishing to help you strategize and achieve the writing and publishing successes that matter to you.

✅ Working Sessions and Co-Working
Angela leads dedicated GSD ACTION Sessions where you can work on the current Strategy Session topic (Feb/Mar: Author Websites) and ask all the questions you need answered. In addition we have regular general co-working sessions via Zoom where you can write alongside other authors in a work-focused environment.

✅ Make Practical Author Business Decisions With Reliable Support
Book Boss® GSD Membership is more than an author community: it’s an author business growth and support membership that provides you with the professional resources and expertise you need to build your sustainable and fulfilling author career.

As a member you have access to...


Learn from Angela and indie and trad publishing authors in our private GSD Discord community.

Work alongside fellow writers in focused co-working sessions.


Join a live, interactive GSD strategy session webinar every two months (recorded for replay) where Angela does a deep dive into the session topic.

Previous topics include Author Branding, Marketing, and Planning for 2024.


Guides, worksheets and strategy resources help you learn, grow, and achieve. Annual members enjoy a 12-month archive of resources.

Unlock the Power of a Stellar Author Website!

February and March here at the Book Boss® GSD Membership are dedicated to transforming your author website into a captivating and effective tool for your author brand.

Logo reading Book Boss(R) GSD Membership: Get Shit Done

Book Boss® GSD Membership

*You know it: Get Shit Done

The Strategy and Growth Community for Career-Focused Authors

top 3 reasons you need to get shit done on your author website now:

👩‍🏫 Establishing Your Author Brand: A unique and professional author website is your digital business card, showcasing your work, personality, and brand to potential readers, publishers, and agents. An up-to-date website reflects your dedication to your craft and career.

💯 Direct Engagement with Your Audience: Your author website is a direct line to your readers, allowing for engagement beyond the constraints of social media algorithms. Regular updates, blog posts, and newsletters can build a loyal fanbase, encourage word-of-mouth recommendations, and keep your audience informed about new releases and events.

👑 Enhanced Marketing and Sales Opportunities: A well-maintained website can be a central hub for your marketing efforts. It can host your portfolio, link to your books, offer exclusive content, and direct traffic to points of sale. An optimized website also improves your visibility in search engines, leading to increased discoverability for new readers.

Want to know more?

The promise of the Book Boss® GSD membership is simple:

Focus on and complete one targeted career-advancing strategy every two months.

Get guided support from:

Live strategy workshops
Expert Q&As
Working sessions via Zoom
Action task worksheets

Meet your meaningful milestones with every focused bi-monthly GSD* Strategy Session. 

*Your #1 goal: Get. Shit. Done.

And do all this side by side with your writing.
Not instead of writing.

What we give you:
We set the bimonthly topic, provide the expert training, the specific action items, offer a deadline plus space to get these done as well as space and encouragement to write, edit and be creative. 

What you need to bring:
You commit to setting practical, manageable goals in your schedule and completing this one thing to advance your career every two months. 

What you accomplish:
A focused effort to grow your publishing career, one building block and milestone at a time. Work on things that will have a positive impact on your success. Make space for writing.

Flash forward to future you, GSD Member & Book Boss!

 You implement critical strategies that grow your author career right now, putting the training into practice and experiencing trust in your decision-making.

 You understand key aspects of publishing careers (branding! Newsletters! Marketing strategies!) that have previously been elusive or you understood in theory but not in practice.

 You surround yourself with authors just like you who are also GSD and who will cheer you on, commiserate, hold space for you and hold you accountable.

 You lean on the Book Boss® GSD Membership Community on Discord for writing, editing, publishing, marketing or business questions, and you’ll get help and support from your fellow authors as well as Angela and her team.


Action-Ready GSD Strategy Sessions

Propel forward with each bi-monthly session meticulously crafted to get you taking action on key milestones in publishing and author career development. From author branding to newsletter mastery and crafting a killer marketing strategy – we’ve got your roadmap ready!

Expert-Led Strategy workshops

Immerse yourself in workshops led by Angela James and other top-tier professionals, available both live and recorded for your convenience. Whether you catch the action in real-time or replay it at your pace, these sessions are your gateway to expert insights.

Interactive Live Q&A Sessions

Engage in lively Q&A sessions where your burning questions take center stage. Feel free to toss your queries into the ring during the live event or submit them ahead of time. It’s your opportunity to break through any strategy-specific hurdles and gain clarity on the spot!

Live Video Working Sessions with Expert Support

Mark your calendar for these dedicated, strategy-focused working sessions over a two-month span. Guided by Angela herself, these live video sessions are your incubator for growth and progress, offering a structured yet dynamic environment to thrive in your strategy execution.


Dedicated Virtual Co-Working 

Step into our virtual co-working room, set aside just for you to GSD! This is your space to connect, collaborate, and create alongside peers and professionals.

Angela’s GSD ACTION Sessions

Dive into Angela’s specially scheduled ACTION Working Sessions. These power-packed meetings are designed to skyrocket your productivity and keep you on track with your strategy session goals, with Angela on hand to answer questions.

The Book Boss® GSD Discord Community

The Book Boss® GSD Discord is a friendly and helpful community of career-focused authors just like you. Ask the community for advice, resources and help with any-and-all publishing and writing questions, share your wins, collaborate on career challenges, and more!


Join GSD and get started right away:

Monthly membership

Annual Membership

Book Boss® GSD Membership opens for 10 days every 2 months

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Registering from
February 1 – 10, 2024

Upcoming GSD strategy sessions include:

Praise from our members

On the supportive, resource-rich Book Boss® GSD Community

On virtual co-working

On Angela James’ expertise

Hey, I'm Angela James!

Hey, I’m Angela, expert editor and author career coach! In my 20-year publishing career I’ve edited 700+ books, including New York Times #1 bestsellers.

A publishing industry expert, I was Editorial Director of Harlequin’s Carina Press and Executive Editor of Samhain Publishing. I’ve edited across romance, mystery, thriller, young adult, women’s fiction, science fiction and fantasy.

I’m now an Author Career Strategy Coach and owner of the Book Boss® GSD Membership, Book Boss® Strategy Intensive and Book Boss® Success Alliance Career Accelerator.

Best of all for you? I know exactly where authors get stuck in their writing, editing and careers, why they get stuck and the strategic action they can take to get moving again. That’s why I created the Book Boss® GSD Membership: so authors can join a community where they reliably Get Shit Done!

If you're on the fence about signing up, trust me: do this. Doesn't matter if you're on the newbie end or have published many books. You'll find SO MUCH useful and will never look at your business the same way again.
Deana Kussman





Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, anytime, but you won’t retain access to the Book Boss® GSD Resource Center with your evergreen strategy resources. To cancel just email us at support@angelajames.co

No one can guarantee you results. Partially because results will depend on you executing the strategies, partially because publishing is a notoriously fickle beast and anyone who guarantees you’ll make money/gain readers/hit a bestseller list/have a long-lasting career is selling you lies and potential heartache.

YES! The strategic work you’ll do the bimonthly GSD sessions will help you with career-advancing work no matter what stage you’re at in your careers. Plus: Zoom co-working is an incredible tool for ongoing productivity, and the GSD Discord Community is a reliable and fun support network.

GSD strategy sessions will help you work toward your publishing goals! These sessions help you advance your career no matter what stage you’re at. If you’re not published yet, we’ll help you take serious practical steps toward that goal, no matter what it looks like for you — trad, indie, or hybrid publishing.

All our recordings are closed-captioned and we strive to make transcripts available ASAP after live events. We will work to accommodate any accessibility request we can — if we’re not covering it, just let us know!

Strategy sessions workshops can run anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the topic. 

Each GSD strategy session runs for 2 months. As long as you’re paid up, you’ll have the full 2 months to watch the workshop and complete the strategy action steps. You’ll practice integrating what you learn in GSD strategy sessions into your own processes so you’ll be able to revisit your personal action steps anytime you need to.

Some GSD strategy session resources will be evergreen, but you’ll only retain access to the workshop videos and Q&A videos if you’re on the annual membership plan ($209/yr).

We onboard new members for 10 days every 2 months.

In general, no: we record all workshops, Q&As and other expert sessions.

Out of necessity we schedule the live workshops and other recorded sessions based on US Eastern time, but we do try to accommodate as many time zones as possible.

No: the GSD strategy sessions are presented via video workshops, and are designed so that the action steps apply to authors across many genres.

But you’ll have plenty of opportunities to ask questions. There will be Q&A sessions, and you can ask questions in the Book Boss® GSD Discord Community, where Angela is active and you also have access to the experience, wisdom and problem-solving of your fellow authors.

Many of the strategy session workshops will be led by Angela, but for some we’ll bring in speakers with special expertise so you get the best and most up-to-date possible information and action steps.

We don’t offer refunds on our memberships. You’re free to cancel your membership at any time (but you won’t retain access to the Book Boss® GSD Resource Center with your evergreen strategy resources).

Get shit Done in your author career
for only $19/month

Or get 1 month free and an archive of 12 months of GSD Strategy Sessions (starting from date of registration) with the annual membership!

Monthly membership

Annual Membership

Book Boss GSD Membership opens every 2 months

Accessibility Note
We caption all our videos for accessibility and offer speed control too. Please let us know if there are additional features that would help make the membership content more accessible to you.

Instant Access
Join the Book Boss® GSD Membership Discord immediately!
Author Websites Workshop LIVE in early February.
(All live sessions are recorded and available for replay.)

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