Before You Hit Send Gifting

I’ve added a gifting option, so you can gift a registration to a loved one, critique partner or anonymously to an author you wish would really improve their craft a little (I’m kidding! Mostly.) Or you can ask that a loved one gift a registration to you!
If you want to give the people in your life a nudge, Send an email to let your loved one know you’d like a registration to Before You Hit Send as a holiday gift! (**if you are clicking from a mobile phone and the email link doesn’t work, see bottom of this page)

Here’s how it works:

  1. To gift a registration, please email b4youhitsend AT
  2. In your email, please tell us how many gift registrations you’re purchasing and if you would like to immediately register your recipient or if you’d like a PDF gift certificate to print or email. We will collect via follow-up email the necessary additional information and payment based on how you want to deliver your gift.
  3. Your gift purchase is not complete until we receive *total* payment. Once payment has been received and we communicate to verify details, you will receive should you request it, a downloadable PDF gift certificate to send to your gift recipient via email or to print at home and roll, wrap or cut into puzzle pieces for a little extra fun in the gift-giving department.
  4. Please note, gift certificate purchases are non-refundable.
Please email B4YouHitSend AT with any questions about the process.

**The click to email link should work on all mobile devices. However, in testing, we found that if you are using an Android device and have assigned links to be permanently opened by a browser app, it will not work, as you need to be able to choose to open it with an email app.