Gift an Editorial Service or BYHS

Gifting options are available so you can gift a registration to a loved one, critique partner or anonymously to an author you wish would really improve their craft a little (I’m kidding! Mostly.) Or you can ask that a loved one gift a service to you! The most popular things gifted are a one-hour consultation, a partial critique and an entry into Before You Hit Send.

Your gift purchase comes with a printable gift certificate that details the service you’re gifting and how your recipient can redeem it! 

Here’s how it works:

  1. To gift a service or Before You Hit Send registration, email angelajameseditor@gmail.com for pricing and invoicing.
  2. We will collect via follow-up email the necessary additional information and payment.
  3. Your gift purchase is not complete until we receive *total* payment. Once payment has been received and we communicate to verify details, you will receive, should you request it, a downloadable PDF gift certificate to send to your gift recipient via email or to print at home and roll, wrap or cut into puzzle pieces for a little extra fun in the gift-giving department.
  4. Please note, gift certificate purchases are non-refundable.

Please email angelajameseditor AT gmail.com with any questions about the process.