You want to make being a writer your full-time career.

You want to be a bestselling author.

You want a community of superfans eager for your next book.

You want to support your family with your writing.

You want the career of your dreams.

But instead of reaching for what you want, you keep letting other people tell you what’s best, what you should do, what you can't do, what you should want…

Here's the secret to building a sustainable career as a full-time author:

Write the best books possible.


Think about your writing career like a business owner.

Strategic business owners (and writers!) don’t make reactive decisions by committee. Instead, they build a sustainable business with deliberation and care based on their intuition and by growing their knowledge.

You’re about to become the expert in your own writing career!

When you join this group coaching experience, you're in for a dedicated look at your publishing plan, a framework to help you confidently make decisions that will lead you to your publishing success, and a supportive group to help you get past major roadblocks and move forward to being the Book Boss you're meant to be!

The Book Boss Strategy Intensive will be limited to 20 participants. The beta launch sold out in 24 hours and we expect this cohort to sell out as well!

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As a writer, I struggled for years to find a community of like-minded people to share my author journey with. That struggle ended with the discovery of Angela James and her Book Boss coaching program.

Book Boss is a group mentoring program designed to move you ahead with a business plan geared toward achieving your personal writing and publishing dreams. No matter the stage you're at in your career, Book Boss can help you find your path to the success you want.

Whether your interests lie in traditional or indie-publishing, Angela's common sense approach will help you define your targets so you can work toward your goals in a practical and systematic way.

Edith Lalonde
Author of Romantic Suspense

Join the fall 2022 book boss strategy intensive!

In publishing, authors are always listening to what everyone else is doing and making decisions based on what that bestselling author has done or this bestselling author did. Or what your best friend who’s an indie publisher tells you that you absolutely have to do. Or your best author pal who just got a trad book contract says is an absolute must.

So you’re making decisions based on everyone else’s success.

But what are you not doing? Taking into consideration that you are not your best friend…you’re not that bestselling author– and you will never be the same as that bestselling author.

Wait, what?

You CAN be a bestselling author. You can get a trad contract. You can make money. You can grow a readership. You can have superfans. I believe in you. You believe in you (if you’re not quite there yet, I can help with that!)

But first, you need to stop letting other people make the decisions for you. Stop having a reactive career, where you chase the next bright, shiny thing rather than building your business with deliberation and care.

You need to change how you’re making decisions. Stop chasing other people’s success and chase your success.

You’re not that bestselling author.

You’re not your best author pal.

You don’t know their work habits, their writing abilities, their daily life, their support systems. You don’t write like them, plot like them, or market like them.

You don’t have their knowledge, their time, or their money.

In short, you need to stop making decisions just like them, because those decisions may not work for you.

WHy Book Boss Strategy Intensive?

It’s time to choose your publishing success, choose your writing dreams and choose joy.

Choose joy.

Joy is profitability too.

Book Boss Strategy Intensive is going to set you up to think about what a successful author career looks like for you, understand what your dreams are, and what brings you joy.

You’re going to build a writing and publishing plan that avoids serious burn out, have a vision for short and long term publishing success, understand what’s in your control–and what’s not in your control.

You’ll create a feeling of confidence that helps you feel secure in the choices you’re making.

And you’ll discover feelings of excitement and security, rather than always feeling nervous or unsure because you’re just wandering around your writing career, rather than making deliberate, educated choices for it.

You’re going to know it’s okay if things don’t work because you’ll have the tools to reevaluate and make different choices when publishing your next book, and you know how to look different at things through a lens of certainty.

You will go forward with a greater feeling of “I’ve got this” rather than always feeling like “WTF do I do now?”

And when someone insists that you have to do it their way, or that you’re doing it wrong, you’ll have the confidence and knowledge to explain why these choices are right for you.

How will your thinking be transformed?

The Book Boss Strategy Intensive is a deep dive into the publishing career you want to achieve, and an opportunity to understand how to set up a foundation that will carry you through your publishing career.

This 12-week course will change the way you look at publishing, writing and career decisions. You’ll come out of it not only with a concrete plan–that will change with you–to follow, but a new confidence in the decisions you make. 

After conducting literally 100s of consultations with authors, there was one common question, in multiple variations, that came up time after time: 


Should I go indie or trad? 
Should I query agents? 
What pivot should I make?
Should I use more than one pen name? 
Do I need to build my website now? 
What do I do after I finish the book?
Should I be on social media?
Should I have a newsletter?

And through our work together, every author who did a consultation with me realized the same thing:

It wasn’t that they needed me to tell them the answer because the answer is different for everyone. It’s that they needed help getting to the answer that was right for them, without someone else’s opinion weighing them down, holding them back, and making them doubt everything. Yes, it’s reassuring to have someone else boss you a little and just tell you what to do…

But What if you could be your own book boss?

The Book Boss Coaching is more than just a how-to. In fact, it is more of a journey to find the best ways to carve a path you can not only be comfortable with but direct forward.

When I think of fellow authors in my shoes, they might not want to take Book Boss because it will make you question EVERYTHING you know. To spend a lot of money for a business coach and then realize that money, or the current trend you're chasing ISN'T where you should be is highly frightening. Especially in an industry that is bumping up against a perfect storm of change and monopsony looming ahead.

I think the biggest takeaway was paying attention to the heart and soul of my business as an author. All else is secondary. What I mean by this is by finding purpose and meaning in what I write, how I respond to others, and weighing it against my sense of self is more important than burning myself out by chasing a market trend.
Calia Wilde
Contemporary Romance Author

Book Boss strategy Intensive

Here's what you'll get


3 months access to From Written to Recommended VIP Author Community

With your Book Boss Strategy Intensive membership, you also receive free access to my paid author community where you'll find resources for querying, writing bios, choosing pen names, publishing mindset and more!

Special Invitation

At the end of the 12 weeks, an invitation to the Book Boss Success Alliance–the small group mastermind *only* for graduates of the Book Boss Strategy Intensive, this program is a high-touch, high-level small group fostered for support, growth and ongoing learning. Available only for Book Boss Strategy Intensive graduates!.

What does coaching consist of?

The details

This Fall 2022 session is $797 (or 4 monthly payments of $200) and this is the only time it will be that price. Beginning with the January 2023 session, the price goes up!

What does this mean?

It means we’re going to be doing group coaching in live meetings, accompanied by work you’ll need to do in between meetings. You’ll get individualized coaching within the group environment (not 1:1 coaching, but an opportunity to ask for feedback from the group and from me in a group setting).

You’ll have access to the small groups and make connections with the people who are having your same struggles, and if you do the work, you’ll come out of the three months with an actual plan that you can execute, the tools you need to create and pivot, and with clarity, confidence and a sense of forward momentum. Or, in concrete terms: you’re going to have not just an actual publishing plan but an idea of how the heck you’re going to execute it and change it when you need to.

take control of your publishing career!

Rollercoasters are fun and all, but not so much when it’s your money, career and business involved. 

Join for One Payment of $797

Or 4 monthly installments of $200

"For a new author just starting out like myself, I would say: the Book Boss program is helpful for getting your feet under you and building a foundation for your author business to guide all your big decisions going forward. Maybe you're not floundering now, but if you ever expect you may be overwhelmed with options and wondering when to pivot or to go indie or trad or hybrid, taking Book Boss will help direct you as the course is about spelling out what you want long-term and how to get there. "
Laura Rye
Author of Freak Camp

Is it for you?

This group coaching program is geared at authors who are unpublished or on the cusp of publishing and want to start their journey off in a strategic way. 

It’s also for authors who are already published or multi-published, but feel as if they’re flailing, need to pivot, have never thought strategically about their careers and may be struggling with the beginning of burnout.

Whether you’re published or unpublished, as long as you’re ready to be your own book boss and answer the questions of “now what?” and “should I?” this is for you!

You'll need...

Sivan Freidlin
Contemporary Romance Author

WHy group coaching?

I know, I said at the beginning that other people’s opinions can weigh you down. 

But other people can also lift you up and help you expand your business in ways you may never have thought possible. 

One of the things I stress is the importance of community: for support, for reassurance that you’re not in this alone, for collaboration, for different viewpoints, and for a solid foundation of learning how to take in information and make the decision about how it’s best for your business and success.

Something I’ve learned in my time participating in business memberships and mastermind groups is that while I am the final strategist for my business, having a group coaching experience with people who get me, get what I’m experiencing, and can help me strategize and give advice–so I can sift through and decide what and how to apply it–is invaluable.

People at both your same level of experience–perhaps even especially people at your level of experience (as well as people who have both less and more experience) and different levels of experience can give you insight and new strategy because they’re bringing different life lessons, lived experience and ways of approaching an issue to the table. 

In addition, learning with others can give you the opportunity to make connections, build together, and help each other along the way. As your success grows, and their success grows, you’ll find more opportunities for supporting and collaborating with one another.

Let the group coaching experience teach you about how to utilize community in a way that’s healthy and productive for your publishing business.

What if you could be your own book boss?

WHat if you didn't *always* feel uncertain?

The saying goes that "Not all those who wander are lost" but that wasn't the case for myself and my writing career. I was lost and wandering down all procrastination paths, doing everything but avoiding the one that would help me actually point me in the right direction.

The Book Boss mentorship not only helped me to talk through the roadblock that was holding me back, but also provided support, and a workable Writing Plan that will help keep me moving toward my publishing goal.

If you don't know what your next steps are or you are like me, a wanderer stuck on a loop, then this mentorship will help guide you and keep you accountable.
Melanie Berthier

The Book Boss Strategy Intensive is designed to set you up with an executable plan for your own publishing success, confident decision making, and the ability to, you got it, be your own book boss.

And it’s set up to do it with other people who are struggling to, so you can feel that sense of community and understand that you’re not alone and there are others out there who will support you!

Hey, I'm Angela james

20 years in the publishing industry, 2 successful imprints launched and directed (Samhain and Harlequin’s Carina Press) and 100s of novels edited across my career… plus I’ve been teaching Before You Hit Send for the past 15 years!

I’ve worked with 100s of authors at all stages of their career and I know exactly where authors get frustrated, burnt out, stuck and feel alone.

I created Book Boss Strategy Intensive to bring authors together to develop a strategic, flexible publishing plan that will help lead them to their dream publishing career.

Are you ready to be your own book boss and build the publishing career of your dreams?

If you’re looking to create a lasting publishing career with a plan that adapts with you and allows you the permission to be yourself as you build your author career—then Book Boss is the program you’ve been looking for.

Join for One Payment of $797

Or 4 monthly installments of $200

Frequently Asked Questions

When it’s over, the plan is that you’ll know what happens because you’ll have the framework to make those decisions. But if you’re like me, and you like the idea of ongoing support, you will receive an exclusive invitation to the Book Boss Success Alliance. A small group mastermind *only* for graduates of the Book Boss Strategy Intensive, this program is a high-touch, high-level small group fostered for support, growth and ongoing learning.
This session will only be held if we get 10 participants. If we do not meet the minimum, all participants will be refunded.
Email us at support@angelajames.co or message us via the chat button here on the website.
You will receive individual feedback via your hot seat opportunity, as well as during Voxer office hours, on weekly homework, and on Discord chats. This is not a 1:1 coaching opportunity but there will be opportunity for asking questions privately.
Hot seat is a coaching term often used in the business world, particularly in small group settings where an individual becomes the focus of group coaching temporarily in order to get focused feedback from the group. In Book Boss Strategic Intensive hot seats, each author will have the opportunity to present one roadblock, issue, problem they’re struggling with and get the entire group to discuss and brainstorm.
I recommend being able to show up for at least some of the meetings live. You don’t need to attend every meeting live, and there will be recordings and a private podcast of all the sessions. That said, past participants felt that attending live did give towering value. In addition, I do ask that you try to attend as many of the group coaching sessions on Tuesdays as possible as this will be where you and your fellow participants give and get feedback to one another.
Meetings are held every week from the weeks of September 19th through December 12th on alternating Tuesdays and Thursdays. There are no meetings the weeks of September 26th and November 21st. Meetings will be scheduled between 12p-7pm Eastern and a full schedule will be provided the first week of the Intensive.
This session is capped to 20 total participants. Once the 20 spots have been claimed, the cart will no longer allow sales. Previously, 24 spots sold in 24 hours.
You may request a full refund until September 25th, 2022. After that time, no refunds will be available.
Voxer is a text and voice messaging app that you can use either on your mobile device or computer. This app allows us to communicate in real time by exchanging messages via text or voice. Voxer office hours occur every Wednesday during the intensive and are your chance to ask personalized or private questions of Angela and get direct feedback, advice or suggestions.
Sometimes I say “we”. You’ll see not only me, Angela James, in the program/on communication, sometimes you will see my assistant Dan Stephensen (people adore Dan!) He may send out emails, answer questions and possibly show up in a session or two to facilitate co-working but I will be leading all the sessions.
1:1 consultation is not currently available.

“Book Boss was a fantastic program! I’m in the relatively early stages of my writing and self-publishing career, and I’ve come out of the program with a more specific, concrete plan for where I go next.

I really love Angela’s emphasis that success looks different for everyone, and also that there are multiple ways we can measure success for ourselves–especially by balancing what seems realistic to achieve and pushing for what’s going to bring us joy.

Speaking of balance, the program also struck a great one between the teaching aspect, where Angela shared her advice and wisdom, and group/peer support, where we all got to know each other and talk through our writing challenges and wins. I’m really happy I joined, and I’m excited to put what I learned into action!”
– Brianne Gillen, Author of Fierce Dames & Cinnamon Roll Gents

become the expert of your writing career!

Time to choose to invest in your publishing and writing career! 

Join for One Payment of $797

Or 4 monthly installments of $200