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For just $97 your Book Boss Editing Checklist course gives you:

A Reliable Editing Process
Needs a Reliable Editing Checklist:

$ 97
  • 4 captioned and transcribed video lessons
  • Private podcast feed so you can learn on-the-go
  • Learn at your own pace with ongoing access

So you've finished writing your novel...

🎉 Congratulations! 🎉

How's your editing process looking?

Feeling confident?

You know where to start, right?
What to do first?
What to do next?

You do have an editing checklist, don't you?


Don't stress, I can help!

I'm about to give you the same checklist I've used throughout my 20-year editing career...

Your key to editing success.

Your reliable, repeatable editing checklist.

Shut the door on editing frustration.

Learn, Plan, Publish, Grow

$ 97
  • 4 captioned and transcribed video lessons
  • Private podcast feed so you can learn on-the-go
  • Learn at your own pace with ongoing access

The origin story...

I can't stress this enough:

Editing is a process.

Not only that, it's a multi-part process — content editing, line editing, copy editing, proofreading.

Teaching authors how to develop a comprehensive plan for their editing process is why I started my signature course Before You Hit Send — and Before You Hit Send is where the Editing Checklist debuted!

Your Editing Checklist is critical to your editing process. It's your guide, your rationale and your fallback, all in one!

4 Expert Editing Lessons.
All with Closed Captions.
All with Transcripts.

The Editing Checklist explains what the checklist is, how it’s essential and why you should treat it as a living document.

How to Approach Edits takes you through the 4 stages of edits and the suggested—and professionally preferred—order in which to tackle them.

How Long Should Edits Take? discusses this often-asked question and gives you ideas for how to use the Editing Checklist to develop your own estimates that work for your books.

The Editor-Author Relationship takes you inside this critical professional relationship and shows you how a deep understanding of your editor’s work will make your books better and your writing career more fulfilled.

Your course includes:


YES! The strategic, analytic work you’ll do in this course to build your own editing checklist has helped authors at many different stages in their careers. If you don’t have a reliable, repeatable editing process, this is for you.

Not necessarily, but it will benefit you to have a completed short fiction that you can work on. You can begin building your editing process by editing short fiction, and refine and develop it further as you edit your novels.

My focus is (most) genre fiction. I specialize in romance, mystery and women’s fiction, so I use a lot of examples of those genres, but my courses work for anyone writing any sub-genre of romance, mystery, thrillers, science fiction, fantasy, etc.

Also, while my courses aren’t specifically geared toward nonfiction writing, nonfiction writers have benefited from my editing approach and how I think about editing concepts, so you’re most welcome to take this course and develop your nonfiction editing checklist!

The video lessons are presented with closed captions, and transcripts are added to each lesson for both hearing impaired authors and authors who learn best by reading.

We also endeavor to make all digital text content accessible to screen readers.

If we have overlooked an accessibility accommodation you need, please email us at support@angelajames.co

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Hi, I'm Angela James

20 years in the publishing industry, 100s of books edited, 2 successful ebook imprints launched and directed (Samhain and Harlequin’s Carina Press) and dozens of novels edited for private clients… 

And the most important part of every editorial job is still reading!

Being a reader’s favorite experience is your #1 goal as an author and an editor of your own books.

I created the Editing Checklist as part of my signature course Before You Hit Send (click to register for the 2023 edition!) and I’m thrilled to offer this low-price course focused on helping you develop your unique editing process.

Get Your Book Boss Editing Checklist

$ 97
  • 4 captioned and transcribed video lessons
  • Private podcast feed so you can learn on-the-go
  • Learn at your own pace with ongoing access

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