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Before You Hit Send has one main goal:

To teach you to edit better, faster and more efficiently in order to create a story that gains you reader fans.

or 5 x $83 monthly payments 

Do any of these sound familiar?

You know editing struggles all too well. Fine-tuning your book into the compelling, engaging read you know it can be feels like an impossible task, and you don't have the resources or the support you need. You're watching authors around you build successful careers and gain fans without knowing how you can get there!

You’ve finished writing your book, but you don’t have a starting point for edits and you don’t know how to be strategic and efficient about making it more engaging.

Fear of rejection and failure is nagging you. You don’t know if your book is ready for publication, and you don’t have a clear idea of how it’s going to land with readers.

The editing process is a mystery! You don’t have a solid plan, you don’t know what to do and in what order, or how to know when your edits are finished.

What if you could...

Effortlessly pinpoint when, where, why and how to start editing your book, and have a clear path forward at all times?

Save on costs and edit your own manuscript even if hiring a professional editor isn’t in your budget right now.

Achieve quick wins and instant polish, fueling your editing energy and building unstoppable momentum?

Gain confidence in evaluating feedback so you can judge whether editors or critique partners are offering valuable advice, and make informed decisions about your manuscript.

Streamline your editing process with targeted strategies, saving yourself countless hours of work and frustration?

Confidently detect issues in your story and possess foolproof methods for resolving them efficiently and effectively?

Elevate your writing career by employing a dependable editing checklist, consistently refining your craft book after book?


Before you hit send:
winning tactics for editing your first (or next) bestseller

Before You Hit Send brings together all of the best quality information that writers need in order to implement a reliable editing process for their own books.

With over $1000 worth of comprehensive editing lessons, Before You Hit Send guides you through developing an editing checklist that will transform the way you look at your writing.

You’ll go from fearing edits to embracing their possibilities — all because you know the power of being your own best editor!

Receive over $1000 worth of live coaching support, course materials and supplementary learning resources

Over $200 worth of bonuses

Dirty Dialogue Workshop

This brand-new, never-before-presented workshop's goal is simple: teach authors how to write some dirty-talking characters in order to increase sexual tension, create more erotic scenes and bring the heat to the pages to give readers a hotter read.


The perfect tool to help you find the right editor for your book and make the editing process as easy and stress-free as possible. The EditMatch toolkit for fiction or non-fiction authors simplifies the editor hiring process and puts finding the perfect editor within your reach, whether you're writing your first novel or you're a seasoned author looking for an extra set of eyes on your manuscript.

Worksheets and Templates

In addition to the comprehensive Before You Hit Send Textbook and Workbook, you get Scene Structure and Characterization worksheets, the How to Write a Query Letter worksheet, and AI for Authors: ChatGPT Prompt Ideas for Editing.

and one more thing...

This year Angela is hosting 4 bonus roundtable critique sessions with a maximum of 8 authors to each session.

Purchase your seat at the virtual table and you’ll get Angela’s professional feedback on your first page PLUS a roundtable conversation with your session group! Find out where your opening may still need further work, how well your story starts and whether the hook is clear from the first page.

32 roundtable critique seats are up for grabs for just $100 a seat.

Take your seat at the roundtable!

Don’t miss this exceptional chance to elevate your writing and enhance your storytelling with a roundtable critique from a bestselling editor.

Discover the secrets to faster, more efficient editing and watch your writing soar!

We’re winding back the clock and offering Before You Hit Send for the 2021 price of just $397 or 5 x $83 monthly payments!

This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

“Before You Hit Send is the best writing craft course I’ve ever taken. Easy to follow, practical and entertaining.”

– Layla Reyne, Bestselling Author

Hey, I'm Angela James!

Hey, I’m Angela James, expert editor and author career coach! In my 20-year publishing career I’ve edited 700+ books, including New York Times #1 bestsellers.

A publishing industry expert, I was Editorial Director of Harlequin’s Carina Press and Executive Editor of Samhain Publishing. I’ve edited across romance, mystery, thriller, young adult, women’s fiction science fiction and fantasy.

I’m now an Author Career Strategy Coach and owner of the Book Boss Author Community, Book Boss Strategy Intensive and Book Boss Success Alliance Career Accelerator.

Best of all for you? I know exactly where authors get stuck in editing and why edits can feel like an insurmountable task. That’s why I created Before You Hit Send: to bring professional editing strategies to authors who want to develop a decisive, reliable editing process for themselves.

Say goodbye to the overwhelm and confusion of editing your book.

Take control of your editing journey and gain the clarity and confidence to polish your manuscript like a pro.

Secure your spot now! $397 or 5 x $83 monthly payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! I’ve had bestselling authors take this course to continue to level up their writing. Your experience/results may not be as dramatic as those of a less experienced author, but as someone who is a self-described lifelong learner, I firmly believe there’s always something new to learn and things I can help you think differently about in your writing throughout the course of Before You Hit Send.

This course is right for any fiction writer looking to improve their editing and writing skills. It’s publishing agnostic: the course isn’t about how to publish via one path or another, it’s about how to write and edit for the best possible book and best possible reader experience. That’s something that’s important no matter what avenue of publishing you’re taking! 

Not necessarily. I’ve had brand-new writers take the course because they want to learn the concepts taught and apply them while they’re writing. It is helpful to have something to apply the lessons to, but it can be a practice manuscript, something you’re critiquing, or a book you’re reading. (Just, you know, don’t ever EVER send an author feedback on their published book based on what you learned taking this course. That wouldn’t be cool).

Most genre fiction. I personally specialize in romance, mystery, and women’s fiction, so I use a lot of examples of those genres, but it will work for anyone writing any subgenre of romance, mystery, thrillers, science fiction, fantasy, etc.

And will Before You Hit Send work for nonfiction?
The course isn’t geared toward nonfiction writing but I’ve absolutely had nonfiction writers take it, since there’s focus on author voice and style, and editing principles do overlap.

It’s not for you if you say things like “All Lives Matter” or you think people worry too much about books being “politically correct”. The program includes sections on editing your book for representation and microaggressions, as well as thinking about consent and misogyny.

We’ve also taken a hard look at the course material to change language such as hero/heroine to protagonist or main characters and if this offends you, the course is absolutely not for you.

It’s also not for you if you’re offended by swearing (I say fuck a lot), sex jokes, or other forms of humor.

Yes. I’ve had several freelance editors, and editors just starting out, take Before You Hit Send. I teach highly practical information about editing, voice, style and how to think critically about these while also viewing each book as a unique thing. If you want to learn more about writing and editing on a broader level, this course has helped many do exactly that.

In general, no: the course is self-paced and you have ongoing access to the lessons.

Out of necessity we schedule the live co-watching sessions and Voxer Q&A days based on US Eastern time, but we do try to accommodate as many time zones as possible.

Yes! All lessons are captioned and transcripts are available. All live events such as the course kick-off event are captioned, recorded and available for replay with captions and transcripts. We endeavor to make all content screen-reader friendly.

If you have an accessibility need we’re not meeting, please email us at support@angelajames.co and we’ll do our best to adjust the course to help you get the most out of it!

Before You Hit Send begins on May 1, 2023 with the intensive Editing Bootcamp, Unit 1 of Before You Hit Send available from May 1 through May 8. Units 2 through 4 will be available from May 8 onward.

The reason we isolate the Editing Bootcamp to begin with is so you won’t feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information, and so you have the opportunity to settle in and ask questions. The Bootcamp is an intensive course in itself that gives you a comprehensive foundation for the expanded skill set you’ll learn in Units 2 through 4.

Join me for Before You Hit Send and if after completing the first 7 days of lessons — the Editing Bootcamp — you don’t find I’ve taught you new concepts that you can use to apply to your writing, I’ll refund your money. No refunds will be offered after week 1. To request a refund, email support@angelajames.co

“I took Before You Hit Send before I released my first book (back in 2013!), and it taught me how to fix a head-hopping, body-part floating, cliche-laden mess into a book I was proud to publish.”

– Zoe York, USA Today Bestselling Author

Are you ready to streamline your editing process and save hours of frustration?

Enroll in Before You Hit Send and start your editing journey with proven strategies and techniques.

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