Soup base

January 20, 2010

Recently on a forum I belong to, we got into a short discussion about soup base, because someone was asking about making homemade chicken soup. A few months back, here, I posted a recipe for homemade turkey soup, using the leftover turkey carcass. But the truth is, for many of my recipes–and for any recipe…

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Red Bean & Barley Soup

January 18, 2010

This post was written by Sarah of SmartBitches Last week I mentioned one of my favorite cookbooks, “Saved By Soup,” which I keep for exactly one recipe: Red Bean and Barley Soup. In addition, this recipe is the single reason I own a immersion blender. It’s kind of ridiculous, but I make this soup a…

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Boilermaker Chili

January 13, 2010

A few weeks ago I wanted to make chili, and I’m always struggling to find a good chili recipe. I’d seen this one on before, but for some reason had never used it. If you want to see the original, with comments, you can find it here, but I adapted it to suit my…

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Recipe: Butter Chicken

January 6, 2010

I have no idea how many weeks Butter Chicken has appeared on my weekly menu. Nearly every week since I came back from Toronto? But for a variety of reasons, it never worked out for me to make it and I’ve been dying to have it again. Yes, I could have visited one of my…

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This post was written by Sarah of SmartBitches This week, I’m busy, Hubby is super busy, and it’s cold. When I did our rough menu sketch (as opposed to the plan that Angie does) wherein I list the main dishes we have ingredients for, and the side dishes I have on hand, I found that…

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This post was written by Sarah of SmartBitches. Every year, I make these cookies for Hubby. They’re labor-intensive and include putting the cookie dough in the fridge not once but twice, plus boiling water and grating ginger and whacking the crap out of some chocolate and yet they are so freaking good it’s worth it…

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Spicy Sweet Potato Latkes

December 14, 2009

This post was written by Sarah of SmartBitches. It’s Hanukkah, the Festival of Light, and Fried Foods. No, really. One of the ways in which Jewish folks commemorate Hanukkah is to eat foods fried in oil, like sufganiyot (jelly-filled donuts) and latkes (potato pancakes). Only one problem with that for me: I really, really don’t…

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This post was written by Sarah of SmartBitches. Lately on Saturdays I’ve been trying to make one massive recipe in the slow cooker so that (a) we have awesome smells in the house all day and (b) we have leftovers for meals during the week. This week, I’m trying a free recipe from Cooks Illustrated…

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