My editorial philosophy has always been that editing, and the editor/author relationship, should be a partnership, that author voice is of paramount importance, and that it’s not the editor’s book, it’s the author’s book. My goal is to help you grow your career and your audience by working with you to help you create an excellent reading experience for your readers. Not only can I do this via my editorial services, but also using 1:1 consultation and coaching calls, challenges and my upcoming Before You Hit Send writing membership.

Welcome. I’m Angela James, digital publishing expert, author career specialist and top shelf editor. After two decades in publishing working with hundreds of authors and building two publishing imprints, I’ve learned that a sense of humor, clear communication, a dedication to my to-do list, the ability to leave my ego behind, and an appreciation of deadlines can be important tools in the publishing process.

At this site, you can find information on my author career coaching services, editorial services, online courses, in-person workshops and speaking engagements.

My job as the editor, and career specialist, is to help you make your book the best it can be. Constructive criticism is important, but positive feedback, support, and encouragement is even more so. It’s never enough to merely point out mistakes because positive feedback teaches as much as criticism.

Thanks to being a fast, voracious reader who reads hundreds of books across genres each year, I’m an open-minded and non-judgmental reader and editor. After working with me, I want you to feel confident in your writing, confident in your career goals, confident in moving forward, and confident in your choice of a partner to help craft the best version of your book. I will help you write the strongest book you can, help you achieve your goals, and help you find the audience for the book you want to write.

I look forward to working with you and creating the next book my fellow book lovers will love, remember and recommend.

Let's Team Up!

Whether you’re looking for an expert to bounce ideas off of, a “business bestie” to tell you if you’re on the right track, an editor to bring your manuscript to the next level, a critique to give you insight into your writing, or you just need someone to talk to about your goals, I can help!